FCM Provides Foundational Business Infrastructure Services and Programs That Enable Our Clients to Thrive by Focusing on What They Do Best

As a management company, FCM can provide a variety of value-adding services, including: outsourced business operational infrastructure, credit program management, risk program management, and a variety of advisory services based on years of building renewable platforms. Learn more below, and contact us to see what blend of services will best suit your needs.

How We Work With You

FCM is a management company working with clients to develop solar energy projects for the future. As a client-focused company, we’re guided by four key principles that shape our partnerships and programs.


Value Resides in the Projects: Enhance, Protect and Monetize

We believe economic value exists in the project, and all else flows from there. We seek to enhance value through innovative solutions, protect value through unparalleled attention to service, and monetize throughout the project lifecycle and ecosystem.


We Partner on the

We focus on a limited number of clients to provide partner-based services. Unlike traditional firms that are “deal” focused, we are “client” and “relationship” focused, with a long-term approach to managing assets through the project lifecycle.


We’re Your Agent,
Manager, and Advocate

We work hard to protect your investment as if it were our own, and do whatever it takes to make sure assets and cash flows are protected. We are the last line of defense, no passing the buck – we get it done. We’ve done this before, and leverage our experience and network to ensure success.


We’re Committed to
Integrity and Transparency

We believe that, above all, integrity and transparency foster long-term relationships. Economics come and go, but the people and relationships remain no matter what.